September Poetry

September is here in full swing, and with it, the promise of cooler weather on the horizon. Though we are still ensconced in summer heat, change isn’t far away. In fact, autumn is one of the easiest seasons to turn into poetry form. Whether you want to talk about the changing of the leaves, the breaking of heat, or anything in between, the options are limitless. Today’s poetry excerpt is from the appropriately titled “September” by William Butler Yeats.

“WHAT need you, being come to sense,
But fumble in a greasy till
And add the halfpence to the pence
And prayer to shivering prayer, until
You have dried the marrow from the bone?” – William Butler Yeats

September is a great month for poetry, so get those creative juices flowing! However, if you don’t feel like you have the creativity to pull one off, you can still get in the game with Express Poem. Just fill out a simple form, and tell us exactly what you would like your poem to be about. Then, our poetry experts will go to work, creating a masterpiece that fits your specific wants. Contact Express Poem, today, and get things started.

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